In East Grinstead, we helped a client to get a full refund of more than £1,300 on an unsuitable wheelchair. Initially the company were only willing to give a credit note. The client wrote a very kind letter to our adviser, saying ‘I know that without your guidance, expertise and all the kindness that you have shown us, I would probably have lost a great deal of money’.

In Horsham, not only did we help a client to contest a debt of £15,000 to the Child Support Agency, but we also helped a client to receive 12 years of backdated state pension.

In Crawley we’ve been helping a long-term client with mental health issues, who was struggling to repay a tax credit overpayment of nearly £3,000, passed on by HMRC to debt collectors. Our adviser alerted HMRC to both their own Code of Practice showing that repayment would cause hardship to our client, as well as the Money Advice Service’s Guidelines for Consumers with Mental Health Problems and Debt. Consequently HMRC will not pursue the debt until the client’s financial situation improves. Our adviser also helped the same client to gain an award of more than £1,600 from the EDF Energy Trust.

In Burgess Hill we helped a client whose identity had been fraudulently used to take out an expensive mobile phone contract. Despite a crime reference number and statement from the police, the phone provider had persisted in pursuing the client for payments. We helped the client to write a complaints letter, and as a result the provider has recognised that the client was a victim of crime, and is no longer accountable.

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