This message was sent to all staff and volunteers this week by Julie Martin, CEO of Central and South Sussex Citizens Advice, following our 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Dear all,

On Monday evening, 23rd October, we had our AGM followed by the regular trustee board meeting, and I wanted to share my thanks and appreciation to you all for everything that we have achieved in the last year as it has been quite astounding!   We have made many changes, with service delivery operating models, research and campaigning work, lobbying for change with MPs, work on the benefit cap and housing and rent repairs as well as specific project work, including the impact of access to banking and much more, and these are only a small selection of the great work undertaken.

We have also attracted and trained over 100 new volunteers and  trained a very large number of our workforce in the mandatory money advice as well as many other short sessions and briefings to upskill and develop our staff and volunteers, all with very little resources.

We have helped and supported around 30,000 people and that is a tremendous achievement, despite all the challenges we have had to face during the year. These included some I.T. challenges and changes to the recording system – Casebook – as well as the office moves, and you should all feel so proud of the contribution you have made that has such a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

The whole team at CaSSCA have come together to ensure we had a successful leadership audit, demonstrating that we are delivering our service to a high standard as well as our governance, strategic planning and operational management as part of the new national membership scheme, all within budget, including making cost savings where necessary.

All of this is just a snap shot of how much work goes on each and every day to demonstrate how our service is so valuable to all in the community and I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and commitment you give in making such a difference.

Well done everyone and many thanks to you all.

Best Regards