‘The best thing for me about being a Trustee at Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East), is the fact I can help the organisation support local people to make their lives more manageable and more comfortable.’
Irene Campbell, Chair

November 2nd-6th, 2020 is Trustees’ Week, and we’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on our Trustees and thank them for the enormous contribution they make to us here at Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East).

Did you know that Trustees are volunteers? They are the Non-Executive Directors of a charity, providing governance and guidance for the way the charity is run, monitoring the direction of the charity’s policy and having final financial responsibility.

We have a wonderful Trustee Board here at CAWS, and each of our Trustees brings a wealth of experience and skills. Visit our Team page to find out about each of them. Our Trustees give a great deal of time, expertise and energy to us and to helping local people. Their guidance and support has been absolutely invaluable through all the many challenges that 2020 has brought.

‘I really value that our Trustees come from a range of backgrounds.  Each has their own area of expertise and insight, but they are all here for a common purpose – to help clients in our community.’
Jason Mather, Head of Client Services

A huge thank you to all of our Trustees for the difference you make to us here at Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East), and for so many people in West Sussex!

Photo collage of the Trustees of Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East), November 2020

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“Volunteering is such a fantastic experience, and everyone here makes me feel that what I do is appreciated.”