Do you live within Adur & Worthing and are from a European, Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background? We would like to connect with you, the community members, to shape our local services.

You can have your voice heard on the issues that are impacting your community. We will help you to share reliable information with your community.

You can make a difference to your community by becoming a Community Champion.

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What is a Community Champion?

A Community Champion is a volunteer who represents their community. We will hold regular drop-in sessions to gain insight on issues affecting your community, which will shape our services. You can provide us with feedback on how well our services are working. We will provide you with information that you can report back to your community.

We will also hold regular online events, with expert speakers. The topics of these events can be influenced by you and issues that matter to your community.

Why are we doing this?

There is increasing evidence that people from a Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic background have had a greater impact from Coronavirus. We are working in partnerships to improve access to information, and creating forums to share insight and feedback from our diverse communities.

How can you become a Community Champion?

There are no commitments to being a Community Champion. To share your views and express an interest in being an Community Champion, or to receive more information, please complete this short survey. 

All survey responses are confidential and not shared outside of our organisation. Any contact details you provide to receive more information, or to be part of the Community Champion network, will only be used for these purposes and not shared with anyone. Your information will be held securely and in compliance with GDPR requirements.

To find out more about Community Champions, get in touch with the team at or call on 01273 944 460.