Changing things for the better

Ultimately our aim is to change things for the better.

The Research and Campaigns team collects evidence, which we have been given from our clients which affects many others.

We spot unfair practices and policies, which can make things harder for people in West Sussex and Nationally.

We gather this evidence to build a powerful message that we pass on to people and companies who make and influence decisions that affect everyone.

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One example, in September 2018 we supported our partners Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice in an event to help raise awareness of the all too common problem of scams. In West Sussex we know that the average cost to individuals who have been affected by scams is £20,000. By partnering with other organisations who work every day with vulnerable, socially isolated people in West Sussex, we aim to give people with all the tools they need to spot, avoid and report scammers.

Take a look to see what we’re working on this year.

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