Since the vaccine rollout, most people have now received one or both vaccinations. However, there are still many people who have still not had the vaccine, despite being eligible to receive one.

As vaccination numbers grow and more people return to the office, if you’re someone who is unvaccinated and unsure if you will get one, you may be concerned about the workplace and what your employer can say or do.

For many employers, having a vaccinated workforce will see a reduction in the risk of the virus and minimise transmission amongst employees, which will cut down disruption in the workplace.

Here’s some top tips to consider if you’re not vaccinated at work.

1. Get more vaccine information

If you’re feeling hesitant about getting vaccinated, it’s important that you access reliable information about the vaccine, so that you’re able to make an informed choice.

Find out more information about the vaccine by visiting the NHS website. 

2. Speak to your manager

It’s important that you have a conversation with your manager, so that they can listen to your concerns and see how they’ll support you. Your employer should be sensitive towards your feelings and must keep any concerns confidential.

3. Your rights

Your employer cannot make you get vaccinated if you don’t want to. For most scenarios, it is not likely your employer can insist you get it or be able to take action against you for not doing so. However, it may be within their rights – see the next tip – to take action if you refuse to be vaccinated and there are sufficient reasons why you should be.

4. Compulsory vaccinations

Some people must have the vaccine to carry out their job. From 11 November 2021, getting vaccinated will effectively be made compulsory for anyone working in care homes in England unless they are exempt. This legislation applies to all Care Quality Commission registered care homes. This includes staff, agency workers, contractors and volunteers. Acas guidance on vaccinations for care home staff can be found here.

There’s currently no other law that says people must have the vaccine.

5. Resolve the issue

If you or your employer raises an issue, you should try to resolve this informally. You can do this by talking to your employer, a trade union representative or employee representative. If the issue cannot be resolved informally, you can raise a formal grievance.

If you have any concerns about the vaccine in regards to your employment, for more information visit the Acas website or for help contact us.