We know that debt can be a huge problem, and can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. You may have seen the recent BBC programme ‘Killed By My Debt’, which highlighted the case of a young man dealing with debt, which had escalated from two traffic fines.

We are glad to be able to help local people tackle their debts. Our specialist Caseworkers in Crawley and Worthing work closely with clients as part of the nationwide MASDAP (Money Advice Service Debt Advice Project).

This service has been running since November 2018, and means we can give more in-depth help to people to deal with their debts. Caseworkers can help with a range of debts, from small to large. Some are worth thousands, even leading to a threat of homelessness. We can help people through a range of solutions including insolvency, working with them to create a payment plan and to write debts off, and supporting them to effectively manage their finances in the future to prevent further debts.

We can also refer people to the national MASDAP telephone service, for people who aren’t able to access our service in person, as well as giving people the resources to self-help.

Case study
We’re working with a client who has debts of more than £50,000, who sought our help to claim bankruptcy. This debt included substantial costs from a previous Personal Injury claim the client had made. There was some confusion around the Personal Injury claim, so we made contact with solicitors to clear this up, meaning we were able to write off the costs as part of the bankruptcy claim. Our client has limited English, and we have helped them to draft a bankruptcy claim. We are also applying for grants to cover the cost of bankruptcy fees.

If you’re worried about debt and would like to talk to us, please contact our advice team.
You can find more information on how we help people locally with debt by clicking here.

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