We are so pleased that our Service Delivery Manager, Laura, will be taking the plunge and skydiving to raise funds for Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East) on August 5th.

Laura said:

“When I was getting ready to turn 30, I planned to mark the monumental occasion with a skydive. However, I didn’t seem to get round to it which is why 13 years later my brother has surprised me with a skydive for my birthday!

My brother and I will be making up for lost time and jumping 15,000ft together – the highest possible tandem jump altitude in the UK. This means almost a full minute of freefall time.

If I’m going to jump 15,000ft I want it to be for a good cause too, which is why I’m jumping for Citizens Advice in West Sussex (CAWS). I’ve worked for Citizen Advice in many different roles for over 18 years and have seen the troubles that come through the charity’s doors, and right now, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.

Local people are really struggling with emotional, financial and practical problems and are hitting a brick wall. They’re not just coming to us with one problem, its multiple complex problems, that can be life-changing. Previously we had funds we could access for quick fixes like, petrol money to get to hospital treatments, or household goods for someone starting over again, but those little avenues are limited right now and not accessible to all.

We want to be able to help and provide the support for those in need which is why I want to raise money so we have extra funds for those who are most vulnerable and in desperate need. These are everyday people like you and I, who are doing their best but are not always eligible for help and are slipping through the net, CAWS are in a prime position to provide that support.

I have witnessed how low people are feeling that they consider taking their own lives because they feel there is no other option, and these aren’t one type of person, they are men, women, young, old individuals struggling who shouldn’t have to.

With the repercussions of Covid-19 and people not donating as much anymore, I want to help. I’ll admit, my attitude towards skydiving has changed from when my once 30 year old, energised-self considered it, but if I’m doing it, why not for CAWS, a charity who do so much for their community, which goes unrecognised, it’ll be worth the 15,000ft!”

We wish Laura and her brother the best of luck and are rooting for her all the way.

You can support Laura by donating to her fundraising page here.