Citizens Advice in West Sussex is marking Mental Health Awareness Week.

 – The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is anxiety, a common feeling that can sometimes get out of control.

Mental Health Awareness Week, now in its 23rd year, runs from 15-21 May and is hosted by the charity, Mental Health Foundation.

This year, the theme is ‘anxiety’. Anxiety is a common emotional state characterised by feelings of unease, such as worry or fear, that can range from mild to severe. Most people feel anxious from time to time. In many cases, this can be helpful in providing motivation or keeping us safe from harm. However, when anxiety becomes excessive, it can interfere with our daily lives and lead to distress, avoidance, and even physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, stomach upsets or shortness of breath.

The Mental Health Foundation has published a report about anxiety, which has some interesting links to the support that Money Advice services give and their benefit on anxiety. Read the report here.

They have also published guidance on how we can manage and improve feelings of anxiety and prevent them from developing into a more serious mental health problem, click here.

Beth Paine, Communications and Marketing Officer at Citizens Advice in West Sussex, said:

“The daily pressures of life can be overwhelming, especially with added worries like money or employment. These problems can leave you feeling confused and panicked causing extra anxiety.

Citizens Advice in West Sussex are here to support you by providing free, non-judgmental and impartial advice. We encourage anyone struggling with a problem, such as housing or debt, to come and speak to us as soon as you can to prevent the issue escalating. Pop along to your local office or call our free adviceline on 0808 278 7969”

Alexa Charnley, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation, said:

“We all experience anxiety but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem.  However, there are things we can do to manage feelings of anxiety and stop them becoming overwhelming.  For example, breathing exercises, physical activity, speaking to a trusted friend, or keeping a diary. You can find more information and guidance on our website

“This Mental Health Awareness Week we’re encouraging everyone to get involved by sharing their experiences of anxiety and the things that help with the hashtag #ToHelpMyAnxiety.  We hope people all over the UK will take part and help us to normalise conversations about anxiety and mental health.  We hope the week helps people to feel more confident in talking about anxiety and how it affects them.  Most importantly, we hope people understand more about what they can do to manage anxiety and what other support is available.”

Get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week:

  • Use Mental Health Foundation resources in your family, school, workplace, and community to join with thousands of people who will be finding new ways to connect with Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • For more information about this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week visit