We have launched an Information and Advice forum for front-line advisers from organisations across West Sussex who are supporting people through the Cost of Living crisis.  The overall aim of the group is to foster collaboration of services across West Sussex by sharing information, identifying gaps and barriers in service provision and facilitating partnership working.


Our first monthly meeting was in mid-November 2022, and our group members have grown over this time to include people from a wide-range of organisations across the county including Age UK, the Aldingbourne Trust, Carer’s Support, DWP, Horsham District Council and Mind along with representatives from West Sussex foodbanks, and the Social Prescribing teams, amongst others.


We have had talks at our meetings covering topics such as the West Sussex Water Help Schemes and Gambling Awareness.  We also provide a regular “Cost of Living update” where we provide a summary of recent news and the changes that directly impact the advice our members provide to their clients.


The meeting is over Teams so there’s no need to travel anywhere, and anyone is welcome, so if you’d like to be attend, please email annetta.bentley@westsussexcab.org.uk