We were delighted to join sixth-formers and staff at The Weald School, Billingshurst, this week to host a skills workshop. This is the third year running that we have run such an event with the school.

We worked with more than 60 students, who took part in activities to help them learn about budgeting as well as problems they may experience as they become older and leave home. We challenged them to clear a budget to cover all their monthly outgoings, including Council Tax, contents insurance, TV licence and more.

The students researched and discussed their rights in various scenarios they may encounter in the future, including:

– purchasing event tickets (e.g. if the event is cancelled, how to claim a refund)

– sharing accommodation with friends (such as making sure no one individual has utility bills registered in their name, as this would make them legally responsible for any money owing)

– discrimination in the workplace

– what to do if you have a car accident

Keren Hannyngton, our Learning and Development Team Leader, who led the session, said: ‘It is always a pleasure to take part in this event and to work with this group of engaged and interested students. It is so important that young people are aware of problems that may arise when they leave home, and to have an understanding of managing their personal finances successfully when they go out into the wider world. It’s also great to know that they have the knowledge that if they do experience problems in the future, they will have somewhere to turn to for free, confidential advice.

Lisa Love, Sixth Form Learning Mentor at the school, told us she had been pleased that the students had the opportunity to learn about budgeting in the real world and given practical life skills, as well as a sense of how different types of citizens’ rights affected them personally.