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We can help you if you’re having problems at work

When you are in work, you can be faced with many difficult issues, so it is important to know what your rights are. Citizens Advice in West Sussex will help you understand your rights at work and support you through any concerns and problems.


Common work related advice includes:

Basic work rights for full-time, part-time and agency contracts
Holiday and sick pay rules
Dismissal or redundancy issues
Employment tribunals and dispute resolutions
Health and Safety in the workplace
Discrimination at work including maternity rights

Are you facing an injustice at work? We can help…

Top tips to help you face an injustice at work…

  1. Talk to us. We offer all sorts of specialist employment advice that can help you to get your issue resolved in the fairest way.
  2. Find out about your specific employment rights from one of our expert advisers.
  3. We can help you through several different processes – from a TUPE transfer and talking to ACAS, to preparing for a discrimination claim, right through to a full employment tribunal claim.
  4. Visit ACAS for impartial advice on workplace rights.
  5. Visit Citizens Advice to find out more about those rights and how to solve problems. 


Locally we have helped people with cases ranging from sexual discrimination at work, challenging unfair dismissals and much more

  1. Specialist employment advice.
  2. Tribunal guidance.
  3. Witness statement preparation.
  4. Grievance advice
  5. Disciplinary
  6. How to prepare for a discrimination claim
  7. TUPE
  8. ACAS early conciliation

This is not an exhaustive list and other employment issues can be assessed.

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