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Helping you establish your rights

Find out what your rights are if your relationship has broken down, for example, whether you can stay in the family home or who the children should live with. We will help you find out how to deal with things like making a will, registering a birth or changing your name, domestic and financial abuse, and where else to go for help for looking after loved ones.

We can provide you with a list of local solicitors who can help you and give you specific advice.

Get in touch if you have a personal or family related problem.


For many legal issues we can give you basic information, but we would need to refer you to another organisation e.g. a solicitor, for more specific advice.

Domestic abuse (including financial abuse)

Advice on marriage and civil partnerships

Helping people in care

Wills and probate, and if someone has died without making a will

Issues around children and young people


Dealing with gender abuse

If you’re dealing with a family or personal problems:

  1. We can help if you think you might be experiencing domestic abuse, or someone is controlling your finances in a way you think is wrong
  2. We can help you to identify grounds for divorce
  3. We can help you understand your rights if you are in a civil partnership

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