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Citizens Advice in West Sussex (North, South, East) gives advice and information to people for the problems they are facing. Our advice is free, confidential, independent and impartial.

We are providing support to people via face to face appointments, email, web chat and telephone.

If you are working with a member of the public who needs support from us, you can refer them to us directly by completing the referral form below. This particularly applies for those who are vulnerable and/or isolated. Please give as much information as possible so we can determine how best to help your client, and to prioritise appropriately.

You’ll also find links and general resources which may be useful for you to help your client directly.

We are experiencing exceptionally high demand for this service and we are doing all we can to respond in a reasonable time – please be patient. 

Note: this service is not appropriate for very urgent or emergency matters. 

Information and resources for professionals and organisations in West Sussex, who are working with the general public.

Refer your client to us

Please use this form to let us know about the person you wish to refer to us. Please complete every field and give us as much information as possible to help us prioritise appropriately.

In order to process the referral, the client’s details will be added to our national online database system. If the client wishes to understand more about how we will use and store their data, please click here to find our privacy policy.

We will contact the client directly and we aim to do this as soon as possible. We are open Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). If we are unable to make contact with the client, we will let you know.

If you would like to set up a referral agreement between your organisation and Citizens Advice, please contact us via the General Enquiries form.

We are experiencing exceptionally high demand for this service and we are doing all we can to respond in a reasonable time – please be patient. 

Note: this service is not appropriate for very urgent or emergency matters. 

Please complete every field.

Referral form (please complete every field)

    If the client has an active case with Citizens Advice in West Sussex, then it is not possible to use this referral service. Please ask the client to get in touch with us directly to follow up an existing case

    If the client does not support this request on their behalf then we cannot assist via this method. Please ask the client to contact us directly using the client web form.

    Extra resources for professionals (Under development)

    To enable you to help your client, you may find these links useful.

    Breathing Space: information for professionals

    Breathing Space is a new scheme which began on May 4th 2021. It gives people temporary protection from most types of debt collection while they take action to get on top of their debts.

    People can apply for sixty days’ Breathing Space through a debt advisor. They must continue to engage with their debt advisor and not take out any new borrowing of more than £500 during this time. They’ll also have to continue to make certain types of payments, including ongoing housing costs, utility bills, and taxes.

    Interest and fees will be paused on debts included in Breathing Space while these conditions are met.

    People can only apply for Breathing Space once in a 12-month period.

    Here we answer some specific questions you may have about how Breathing Space may affect someone you’re working with. We will add more as we have it.

    How will it affect Council Tax? 

    Breathing Space cannot cover ongoing payments of Council Tax, if someone is not in arrearsAny portion of the Council Tax in arrears can be included in a Breathing Space application (but only the arrears portion) 

    If someone has received a reminder notice, Breathing Space will cover the unpaid instalments and the bill for the rest of the year. This is the same for business rates for sole traders.   


    How will it affect parking fines? 

    Parking tickets will be qualifying debts for Breathing Space. When a Breathing Space is approved, the creditors will not be able to take further action to enforce until the end of the Breathing Space.  

    Breathing Space does not apply to any driving related penalty issued by a Magistrates Court or for parking on a Red Route.    


    Information for Mental Health practitioners 

    If you are supporting someone experiencing a Mental Health Crisis, you can assist them to apply for a Mental Health Breathing Space. We at Citizens Advice cannot apply for these. There is a central unit for you to refer your client, and you should have been notified about this.  

    If your client is not experiencing a Mental Health Crisis, they can be advised to contact us in the usual way for full debt advice. This includes whether a Standard Breathing Space would be beneficial to their situation.

    Crawley Connects

    Crawley Connects offers quality specialist advice service to migrant communities in Crawley on immigration, domestic abuse, benefits and more.
    It is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, and delivered by a small partnership of not-for-profit organisations, including Safe in Sussex, for practical support.

    If you would like to refer someone you are working with to this service, please tick ‘yes’ on the form above.

    Local Community Hubs and support for extremely vulnerable people
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